Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas recap

hope everyone had a great Christmas out there!
we had a blast of course, always a great day. :)
Christmas Eve was spent taking my mom to pizza hut for her birthday. she had a big ice cream cake and we all had buffet.
that evening we went to their house to open the presents they had for the kids. they were ready to open as soon as we walked in the door! LOL! Canaan about has conniptions in the waiting! LOL! they got the kids a portable DVD player for the van and each of them got a personal gift as well. my brother and SIL and step brother and his wife were also there. it was good and fun!
kids got to bed around 10:30 (amazingly) and baby went to bed around midnight!! LOL! we got the presents under the tree and hit the sack. we were worried that we'd be up early, but we were the first ones up (amazingly again). katlyn followed close behind, then Gavin, Canaan and Hunter was the last. (Garrett slept til about 9, which we didn't make the kids wait on him since he didn't care what was going on anyway. LOL )
let's see, I guess the best gifts the kids got (in order of how excited they were):
Canaan: Pokemon Emerald (let him exchange a CD and use his $ and I helped with the rest to get this), new tenni shoes, Thundercat Tee, rollerblades
Katlyn: Disney Princess wall stickers, barbies, $25 GC with which she bought 2 new pair of jeans yesterday, bows, Disney princess calendar
Gavin: Mario tee shirt (which is way to big so he uses it to sleep in), Nintendo theme pj pants, Superman toboggan, gloves and tee, new Spiderman tenni shoes, hot wheels playset
Hunter: Big Honkin tricycle! (all the kids have been riding this around the house LOL ), new tenni shoes, hot wheels playset
Garrett: new blanket (by mamaw), walker, LOTS of Gerber puffs, hat/glove set, onesies, socks, tag book, fleece one-piece

they all got more stuff, but those were the highlights. :) got pics and stuff too, just gotta upload.
Twinkie is funny though, when we put all the presents under the tree, she got huffy (or excited) and started trying to open the gifts! I had to put up the soft stuff cause she was ripping into them! LMBO!! told dh its a good thing we don't put gifts under the tree til Cmas eve cause the kids would be getting in trouble for what Twinkie was doing! LOL!!! she's also taken to smacking off certain ornaments and growling at them. straaaaaaaaaaange cat. LOL

oh, for me, I got a nice 5 qt two-handled saucepan (what I asked for!), a GC for Best Buy to get memory for my puter, $125 in GC for JCP! ( WOW! ), opal earrings, $100 (for Robert and I from my dad!) and Pirates of the Carribean game. (don't know why dh didn't get the movie, but oh well.  I'll catch it on sale at the movie store soon).

dh got a $50 home depot card, $25 Lowe's card, $100 GC from his dad-not sure where too, probably one of the above 'man stores' ;) , XMen 3, Fable (game for xbox), the $100 I mentioned in my list (we're putting it towards our home ins and van tags that are both due by the 31st), and a Dr Pepper gift set (hat, tee, vintage lunchbox).

my dad was up yesterday since he didn't make it down Christmas day. it was hectic cause he took us out to Cracker Barrel and they were soooooooo busy (took about an hour from the time we got there til we got our food). then we went to Wal-Mart cause I had to get a couple things, plus K wanted to get her jeans and I wanted to let C trade in for his pokemon game he wanted. course it was nuts out there, but we made it.
my sis and the kids came to the house when we got home as well. they all stayed til 5 and C went home with them to be with his cousin Nathan and cousin Heather stayed here to be with Katlyn. :)
FIL left out last night after 6 as well, so almost back to normal around here.

we'll be going to my sis' house today to take heather back and get Canaan and katlyn also wants to stop by TRU to get a soft bodied Disney princess doll like heather got.

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