Monday, December 11, 2006

this, that and the other thing

had a good day, it was gorgeous outside for one, so the kids got to play outside after school was done. Canaan finished another book today, only 4 more for him to finish up by the 21st. Katlyn has 3 more books I believe.

I called the ped today about using the milk of magnesia on Garrett now. they of course asked if we were doing all the usual (oatmeal instead of rice, no bananas or carrots, etc...) told we've BTDT and 2 months is long enough! plus with the hope of helping his reflux!!! (and extra !!!! in there too). so they okayed a tsp a day for him. I only did 3/4 a tsp today as we rarely use meds and it kinda worries me. but nothing happened today, no magic poopie or anything so I'll up to the 1 tsp tomorrow.
he enjoyed it too, its cherry flavor and he gulped it right down. I *suppose* it helped the reflux afterwards. he has his good days and bad days and today was a good day. dont know if it was due to the MoM or just being a good day. we'll see how he continues.
he's still a grouch most of the day. my goodness. when he hits a grouchy spell, he hits a BIG dang grouchy spell! oy! cranky-crankopotomous!
still no teeth in there, I check every day cause I dont want to be surprised while he's nursing!! grouchiness due to teething? maybe. course I think its part personality. he can be the sweetest-smiliest baby most times, but then the switch flips and its all growling and grrrrrrring! LMBO!
I just put him down in his bed to watch his fish a bit ago. he was restless in my lap after nursing (and a huge burp!). hopefully he'll drift off on his own.

I got most of Landon's cloth taggie book finished tonight while dh kept G entertained. I have all the 'pages' done, now I need to bind it together. wasnt very hard to make, just coming up with ideas for interactive stuff on each page that racked my brain! LOL! hopefully he will like it though! still going to make him and G a pair of pj pants as well. may do some for G and H as well. they both love pj pants!

still have a lot of Cmas cards to get finished and mailed. I sent off about 8 this week, it was all the stamps I had. LOL! got the rest to finish up! ... I should really be doing that now!

tomorrow will be a full day, got a list of stuff to get done and may be adding another Sonic shop in on it, which is cool with me!


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