Sunday, December 10, 2006

weekend recap

guess its time for a real update now huh?
dh got home today around lunch (woo!) we watched Pirates 2 and K and I put the ornaments on the tree. will take another pic tomorrow. I'm aggrevated at my lights though. when I put them all on, they all worked. the same day I put them on, one strand half went out. I cant find the bulb of course, so I tucked the 'dead' end into the tree and rearranged the other lights to lighten up the dark spots. (its fixed in the last pics I posted). well, we came home last night and my one strand of colored lights that have different flash settings has one color out. they go red, blue, green all the way down the strand and ALL the red lights are out!!  ARGH!!! WHY do they make lights like that?!! its still pretty, but DANG IT!! LOL!
I dug out some more Cmas stuff today, my animated angels and Scooby Doo and stuff like that. still havent found the plug for my fiber optic tree.  that miffs me to no end too. tomorrow we'll get the tubs out of the house and back in the garage to make room again!

let's see, last night was a TERRIBLE night. one of the nights from hell so to speak. G went down at 10, woke about 10:30, nursed, back to bed around 11, I go to bed at 11:50 and he's up at 12:20 til after 2.
now, back track a bit and yesterday, Hunter had complained that his tummy was hurting. he seemed fine all day long otherwise. well, as soon as we got in from my moms last night, he runs to the potty and throws up. yuck. but at least he made it to the potty! shortly after that he starts running a fever. so he's on the couch last night and I'm keeping an eye on him, worried he'll need to go to the bathroom again (he got sick once more before bed). he ended up sleeping well, except for waking up once after 2 am (after G had finally went to sleep) and asked for a drink of water.
just after G finally went to sleep, K started coughing. good grief. this was just after I laid down again. and this girl will just keep on coughing all night long unless prompted to get her butt out of bed and do something for it. (canaan is the same way). so I had to go back to the room and make her get something to drink to keep from waking the baby with the noise she was making.
I finally got to sleep after that and G woke at 6:30 to eat. brought him to bed and we slept til 8:45 when I got up to get ready for church.

C and K were in the choir today for the Cmas singing (got lots of pics still need to unload) and the other kids were good for me while they were up.
we had a church dinner afterwards which is always kinda hectic feeling for me cause dh doesnt usually come so its just me and the kids. my mom and step dad are there to help, but I still feel overwhelmed sometimes. had to nurse G at the table while people were in line to get thier plates cause he was hungry too.

the best part of that is at the end of the dinner, they have drawings for big hams and Wmart gift cards ($20). well, the whole time they're drawing numbers I'm saying "momma needs a GC!" and the guy by me (who has won a ham the past 2 years) is saying "gotta have a ham!" LOL! well, the last ham that was drawn, HE got! he got all excited of course (everyone was laughing cause its a running joke that he plants his tickets LOL!!) and he asked if I won a ham too in all the excitement. I said no, but I sure could use a GC! the next number drawn was for a GC and guess whose number it was?! ME!!!!  I was bouncing in my seat! LMBO!! he (Chris) said "no way! you serious?!"  it was awesome!!! I thanked the Lord for that right there and was near tears!

so tonight, after watching the movie, I had to take them back to the movie store, so C and I went in together and daddy stayed here with the other kids. I took C to Hardees and we both got some chili cheese fries and sat with some one on one time and yakked. he really liked that. (me too!). he had a speaking part in the singing today and was wanting to know how I thought he did. ;)
after that we went to Wmart cause I used my GC to get H and G's Cmas presents and part of K's!
guess that's about it.
OH, saturday at moms I got to be a fireman! the burn barrel spit out some kindling or something and set the yard next to my parents house on fire and it burned down all the underbrush all the way down to the creek bed!the wind was blowing the 'right way' and it stayed away from the house, thank God, but we had to get out the fires from where it was cause there are tons of leaves down there and there are farming fields all around! it took about an hour, but we got it out. I did the waterhose while papaw got the tractor out to get burning logs out of the dry areas and stuff. the older kids hauled up water and ice from the creek.
freaky stuff!!!

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