Saturday, December 30, 2006

well, I feel mostly normal

I finally got a decent sleep last night. wasnt perfect, but much above anything that had happened over the two previous nights!
Garrett has gone from eating 4 containers of baby food a day plus nursing to only taking 1/2 to 1 a day (and that is with a lot of prodding from me). so obviously my milk is not up to par on that much eating he'll be doing from me and he's basically hungry all the time. makes for some very... very long nights. *yawn* up every 1 1/2 to two hours and not napping like normal during the day. he seriously has had bags under his little eyes! (mine are more like luggage under the eyes).
but last night I was able to get him to eat one container of food around dinner time, he nursed as normal at bedtime and was only up at 2 this morning to nurse again. then slept til 7 when dh brought him to our bed for me as I barely had the ability to raise my head. :)
he's playing with his baby piano now, fully content for a while.
oh, he did do a nice pooh by himself yesterday! *woo* been a long time since that happened. but he also has a runny nose and a bit of a sore throat, so that may actually be the reason.
I'm also wondering if he's finally on the verge of cutting his bottom teeth. he's been sucking on his bottom lip this week. hasnt done that since those two bottom teeth first came up through the gums (where you can see them behind the gums, not breaking through the gumline).

I did get clobbered last night though.
my oldest DS put the groceries up for me yesterday and stacked all the cans up in the pantry on one side. I seen it last night and was rearranging them like they should be, when one of said LARGE soup cans fell out onto the top of my right big toe, edge first, and cut and bruised me. *yeooooooooooooooowch!!!!!!!!!!*
I squalled out when it happened and dh was worried about me cause I usually only say something like "Ouch!" if I hurt myself. last night it was more like I screamed out "AAAAAAAAh!" LOL!
it's not as swelled up as I figured it would be, just a bit discolored, but very sore. my foot pops a lot when I walk too. that could be from me not being able to pop my toes efficiently though cause that hurts right now too. :-P I'm just a little limpy but havent tried wearing any shoes either. egads! we're supposed to go out shopping a bit today too. we'll see how I do.

DS did of course apologize to me and felt very badly that it happened.

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