Saturday, December 02, 2006

...not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

oh, sorry, wrong entry.
the house is quiet except for my keyboard clicking. I'll be heading the same way as the rest of the family soon.

yesterday was a good day at my moms, we had a big country dinner (beans, taters, mac-n-cheese, tomatoes, cornbread, cole slaw, turkey meatloaf and sweet tea. yum!). we stayed over late while the men watched Rambo and mom and I played on the puter with stuff.

G slept ok last night, up at 4 and down about an hour later.

I think he's going through something... maybe a growing spurt, possible teething discomfort or his system readjusting to the solids, not sure, but his patterns have changed this week. like last night he wouldnt settle down after nursing so I ended up just taking him to his bed and laying him down. well, putting him on his belly just had him up and looking at me, so I flipped him over and turned on hsi new Nemo mobile. he went to sleep! a first for that!
he did it again today for a nap! woudlnt settle down on me like usual, so I just put him to bed and turned on his music. crash, out like a light. amazing.

Not really *thinking* its teeth now. they popped up to the gum line really quick last month, but then stopped. no reddness for now, so I'm thinking they may hold off til at least 6 months (which is just fine with me!) the latest one of mine have cut a first tooth is Katlyn at 7 months, so we'll see!

he has acted like poohing is causing him bigger problems today, but the poohs seem normal for him. not firming up hard or anything, thank goodness.
he's been very, VERY grouchy today though, still has a snotty nose (no fever or any other sign of cold/congestion/anything) so its just running its course, whatever it is. he really only gets snotty when he's upset. and well, since he's been such a grouch today, that's been a lot! LOL!
I think he's slept through one night this week too. bleh. not napping the greatest either. no wonder he's grouchy. LOL!

we watched Superman Returns tonight and we all really liked it. Canaan is now wanting a Superman costume for Christmas. LOL!

oh, my friend in Albany sent me another box of clothes for Garrett! all 12m and one 18 m pair of overalls. there was like 20 pieces probably in the box, so he is SET for 12m clothes! which is good since that's all he wears now. some 18m shirts do fine on him, especially lengthwise, but pants are of course too long for him yet. my kids legs dont sprout til later.

dh is going to Boston this coming week. hopefully it wont run past the coming weekend. makes for a long week when we dont see daddy around. the kids get rambuncious too.

we *may* do some more Christmas decorating tomorrow. I've not decided. got to rearrange things in the living room to do so, but man, C and K are having fits to get the tree up! I did put up the little fiber optic one, but I have to find the plug for it. must have stuck it in oen of the other Cmas boxes last year. :P just cant believe Cmas is just around the corner. wowzers! also means I REALLY need to get busy on some handmade stuff I'm doing! LOL!

ok, off to go to bed, my eyes are crossing on me.

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