Wednesday, July 09, 2008

dh finally gets to go see a sports/joint dr on friday! took long enough, but he's finally going! we'll find out how soon they can do surgery for him then and exactly what happened to his knee. he's getting very tired of crutches (he'll walk short distances without them if he's wearing his leg brace-cant do it without the brace).

Garrett cut his head the other night while outside. not sure what he did cause I was inside with S, but everyone else was out there. they think he tossed up a couple of sticks he was playing with and one got him on the head. it cut a good gash on the top of his head, about 1/4" long! his head was dripping blood down the back and everything. scary stuff! it did stop fairly quick with applying pressure though and I gave him tylenol that night JIC.

found there's no disability on our home loan, but at least the WC will be enough to cover it (granted with not much left over at all, but it'll at least cover it, right?) still need to check on the car loan and the 2nd mortgage acct.

today I finally got the checkbook balanced with the $ we deposited yesterday and am able to pay the car payment and 2nd mortgage (both late of course, I hate late charges!) and got teh water bill taken care of. once the WC check finally arrives (um, today would be NICE!) we'll go ahead and make this months house payment and catch up on the other stuff we're behind on. :P geez, hard as heck to get caught up once things get behind.
I must say though that I feel very blessed cause all of our needs have been met while this stuff is going on. its been tight, very-very tight, but we've made it through. thank God!

oh, and for those wondering what Hunter finally got for his bday! dh got him and gavin Hulk figures yesterday. I also have him a spongebob cup (one with the tops and straws like you can buy at walmart... though I found it at cares for .50) and a Venom figure which he's been wanting (they have a lot of spidey figures, so I guess they need a bad guy to beat up on ). he keeps waking up and asking if its still his birthday since he's been getting gifts almost every day like this (moms gift on sunday, brownies that night, cake on monday, gifts on tuesday...)

ok, guess that's about it that I can think of. :D

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