Friday, July 25, 2008

yesterday was good, I never got on here I dont think. our WC check came early, so I got the banking done yesterday and the grocery getting (makes me feel like today is saturday of course LOL).
I stopped at a yard sale on the way home and scored big time on stuff for Garrett for thsi fall/winter! she was selling her barely used Gymbo sets for $2 each, so I grabbed them all 3. 2 sets are with matching overalls/shirts and the other is jeans/button up shirt. so cute! and of course I can resell and easily get my money back.

I had to take Garrett and Sarina to the health dept for our WIC update (C and K went with me) and Garrett is 30.5 lbs and 34" and Sarina is 12.8 lbs and 24.25" (I think she said 1/4" and not 1/2"). so seems little Miss is gaining a bit faster than she was the first 3 months now. she used to do 4 oz a week and she was just weighed on the 15th there and was 12 lbs. I told her she better not gain/grow too big too fast on me though cause I'm enjoying her too much as my tiny tot!

last night a teacher from church called to say she was wanting to bring some stuff over. I figured it may be some hand me downs for the kids, plus she mentioned a backpack for Gavin. turns out she'd bought new clothes (2 pcs each) for each of the kids! how awesome was that?! totally surprised me! all the clothes fit too (she did better than my mom at guessing sizes) the only one I need to take back is what she got for Sarina cause it was 9m size summer stuff and I just dont see that happening. one I'm keeping cause its a Polo style dress, so we can put tights under that with a sweater, but the other is the bubble type romper, so I'm going to get a 6m (or 3-6m, whatever they've got) to replace it.
I felt so blessed and the kids have some new school clothes!

today K is at a friends house for a bit and my mom is going to pick up the boys soon to go play with Landon at her house.

I finally got Gavin signed up today. was going to yesterday, but they werent taking them for some reason. so everyone is set to go to school.

garrett is picking up more vocab and quirks. the other day he was sitting next to me here when he farted and then said "Moooooom!" LOL already blaming his stink on someone else!! he's also telling on the siblings too.

trying to find an exersaucer for S.

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