Wednesday, July 02, 2008

 well, we never heard from the comp lady today. dh started calling at 7 this morning and we never got anything but voice mail. irritates me to no end! dh even called the shop to ask if they had a different number but the one we have is all they have. guess we just have to wait til they get back to us. :P
so I still cant get OL til after 5pm *grrr*

gavin got his call from his coach today and his first practice is next thursday. he's very excited about it!

stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down to 166.5! (down almost another 4 lbs) wow! I've been eating like a pig so it must all be going to nursing. LOL!

oh, while dh was talking to the shop secretary, she told him the little bit of his last check was deposited today, so it's a bit over $100, but it'll give us gas $ til the first comp check comes next week. *whew* I was worried about that part!

so I guess that's it as far as new news goes here. not very exciting (which I'll take! LOL)
oh, I did call my local magistrate to voice my opinion about getting broadband in the county today!

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