Tuesday, July 29, 2008

dh's appt went well today! he got the staples out of his leg (14 in all) and can shower without having it covered now. he still has to wear his full brace, but got a new one that he'll get to start wearing when he starts on physical therapy that has degree of angles that it will let the leg bend (pretty neat!). he'll talk with the comp nurse tomorrow about his PT and where he'll get to take it. he wants to go to the dr's office that did the surgery (which would make the most sense) and try to get it for M/W so that it wont coincide with the soccer schedule on T/Th.
he's totally off work for at least the next 4 weeks by dr. orders and after that he *may* get to go back part time. BUT I asked him how that'd effect the comp check he gets. there's no way we could survive on PT $ if they totally cut teh comp check out. so he'll have to ask about that one.
the dr was very happy with the healing in his knee though, says it looks great!

I'd planned on going in town today to put a reimbursement check in and get some gas (3.49 here!), mail a package and take some movies back before going to gavin's soccer practice (which was all called off cause of the heat), but I got everyone in the truck to find it was totally dead. :P
I called dh (still in Hendersonville) and he'd not be home for about another couple hours, so was going to walk me through jumping the truck.
well, I pulled the pickup truck up to mine and popped the hood, climbed into teh back to get the jumper cables... no more than got to the front side of teh truck when *WHAM*! Garrett runs into the tailgate of the pickup. he gashed his eyebrow.
so after taking him in to do some ER work, called dh to say nevermind, I'm not going anywhere. I figure it took 30 minutes to find Garrett's shoes, truck was dead, then a bloody head= I dont NEED to go anywhere!

Garrett is fine, a nice little pumpknot on his brow with about a 1/4" scab. dh thinks the alternator is going out in the truck though. it did start for him tonight, but it's like it was fighting to hold a charge, so he's going to take the alternator off and take it in town tomorrow to have it checked. hopefully it wont be *too* much.

Sarina has been fussy today, wanting to eat a lot and just not nap like her usual self. growth spit? who knows. weighing her today she was 12.10 lbs.
oh, the WIC nurse let me get her on the Good Start with natural cultures brand. she only gets *maybe* 4 oz a day, some days its all BF, but we're hoping this formula will help with the thrush that tends to want to stick around.
I also need to get a new supply of the acidophilous/garlic since that's what I've been taking all month and I'm about out. dont want to quit that if its helping to keep that stuff at bay!

ok, guess taht's it, gotta go entertain Sarina some more, Katlyn has her, but she's being fussy. if she'd sleep a bit I knwo she'd be happier. its close to bedtime though, so not much longer any way.

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