Wednesday, July 23, 2008

finally an update

seems I've forgotten to put updates in here. things have been more than hectic lately. dh had knee surgery on July 14th in the evening. he had to stay overnight and did really well. the surgery was about 2.5 hrs long cause there was more damage than was hoped for plus it'd started healing already and had to be 'taken apart' to refix. :P
he's doing well now, getting around with his crutches and sometimes without, though he always has the leg brace on. he's not allowed to bend his knee at all, nor can he get the knee wet (as in any water, sweat or anything), so he has to stay cool, which means no outside activity.
that kind of stuff is driving him batty. :)
he goes back on the 29th for his post-op and we'll hopefully get the ok to start working with the leg and they may take the staples out. still a long recovery to go through.
K is signed up in school now and should get her schedule some time in the next few days. C got his today. I should get Gavin's paperwork in tomorrow for him to be signed up. they're all looking forward to it! school starts 8-6 here.
the oldest 3 are all playing soccer this year. luckily the practice times are at the same time, so that works really well.
Sarina is 3 months old and about 12.5 lbs now

isn't she a cutie!!! :D

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Erica said...

Sarina is adorable!!!