Sunday, July 27, 2008

so have I mentioned that Garrett is sleeping full time in the boys room now? he started that last week. a must have situation! he was clmibing out of the crib and sneaking into stuff in sissy's room. definitely not safe. so cold turkey he had to get out! the first couple nights were hard cause he thought it was a game and kept coming out laughing, then daddy got tired of it and he learned to stay in bed. now its no problem at all and everyone sleeps all night. (well, Sarina wakes me up, but YKWIM)
so I was able to set the crib up all girly like with the mobile back on and have her cute stuffies in there. she doesnt sleep in the crib, so its just decor to please Katlyn for now.

hmmm... OH, been working on my knitting this week again. almost have my diaper bag done (as far as both sides and handles). still need to stitch it together when I finish the 2nd handle and start on the ribbed pockets for both ends, then sew up the lining for it. took pics of what I have so far and will post those next time I upload pics.

have I mentioned that Sarina likes her tummy time? she really does! doesnt mind being on her back either, pretty easy going with all that. she's floor playing right now beside me, looking at her littel farm blanket.
she's gotten really good at grasping things and bringing them to her to chew on. no passing toys back and forth hand to hand yet though.

our nursing has really improved this last month as well! maybe that's why she chunked up that bit on me. she doesnt take as long either, getting with it and drinking instead of constantly falling asleep! she's still a little punkin, but she does have small fat rolls on her now (mostly the crease in her inner thighs and the little rolls around her neck LOL). I really need to start pulling out the 0-3m stuff. she can still wear it, but its on the 'getting snug' end. I'm sort of avoiding it though, silly me!

the oldest 3 went to church with my mom tonight. C gets to play the drums at night and K and G have a 'back to school bash' in their class. this morning C was playing drums with Mr. Willis (who was on piano) after sunday school/before singing. he did a great job and it was cool seeing him up there doing what he loves! he said he was nervous, but he did great! I got a pic with my phone I'll share later.

I fixed mushroom and swiss burgers for dh and I and regular burgers for the kids for lunch today. I've not followed a Rachel Ray recipe to the tee, but it gives me great ideas to work with and make some tasty meals! which is a good thing cause we have no extra $ this week, so we'll be eating at home! :P (I do get bored with that).
I get aggravated too casue there's stuff I want to do (like mail a few packages and try to pay on my first small bill to snowball) but cant seem to with the $ right now. we just keep chugging along. it'll be ok.

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