Tuesday, January 02, 2007

we had dinner at my moms house tonight, which was great for me cause I've felt crappy all day. the back of my head's been aching, like a cold or something is coming on. :P
all the kids are staying at moms too (except Garrett of course), but he's passed out now and will hopefully rest well for me tonight. he was only up once last night around 1:30 then slept til around 7:30-8. he's eating better again (sorry if I repeat myself, too lazy to go back and see what I've updated on LOL! ) and is taking about 3 containers of food a day, sometimes he'll do 4. the rest is nursing. my milk supply has amped up now so at least he's not starving at night.

I worked on a few scrappages yesterday. I've not done too much since my 20 week u/s so there is a ton to catch up on! I got 2 more LO down, so that much less to do. LOL!

I've got a ton of pics to resize and upload as well. stuff from NYE and just around the house stuff.

I've started having to share my OL time with C! egads! LOL! he's found a kids OL place that his cousins hang out at and he's all over it. kinda scares me cause ya just never know who's out there, so I sit with him often and we talk about him 'making friends'. he's all excited about it, so I let him play and it takes out of my OL time. LOL

oh, my toe is doing well, just some discoloration around it now, but no limping. Gavin's head MUST be fine cause with how he's acting, you'd never know he had a knot the size of a real egg just 2 days ago!

ugh, my heads hurting, so I gotta get off here and find me some tylenol.

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