Friday, January 05, 2007

a tooth!!!

Garrett slept really well last night. :) he was up at 6 to eat, then back down til 9! which was great cause it took me forever to get to sleep last night even though I was so tired.


BUT our big news of the day is


Garrett's first tooth is coming through!  its his bottom right one and half of it is through now (as in half the top, so I can see one corner and not the other yet LOL )! I was doing my daily check this morning and PRESTO there it was!

so I can definitely attribute his recent crankopotomous-ness to teething! (egads, what's this say for the rest of them?).

on the plus side, he has taken to not baring down when he finishes nursing lately, so that's a big plus! its only a once in a while thing.

those adorable gummy grins are almost gone. *sniff*


for me, still feel cruddy, just in my head. cant get up really quick or it pounds like a hammer up there. :P


I did get my floors vacuumed, it was driving me bonkers! now gotta find some food!


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