Thursday, January 04, 2007

feeling 'bleh' today. my head does feel better than yesterday and my back isnt aching anymore (I was so sore yesterday), but I think I'm running a low grade fever off and on since last night.
been taking tylenol and it helps a lot.
they say strep throat is making the rounds around here :P dont know if that's what I've got or not since we dont go to the dr for every day things like this stuff, but its on the way out now.
Canaan has had a form of it as well, he's been mostly coughing (which is normal for him when he gets a cold).

otherwise, went to walmart today to fill a script for dh. went ahead and did our walmart shopping while there. stuck to my list too. only spent $58 and that was with a DVD travel case for the van (to hold the DVD player my parents got the kids) which was $10.
also got me a new Oneida pasta spoon cause my old plastic one has been missing for months. dont know what the kids did with it and I used to have two!
while there though we got grossed out. while in the electronics area looking for the case, this young girl (maybe around 9) was standing at a cart with her little brother and just started getting sick all behind the magazine rack at the end of the aisle. and the kicker was we were just feet away from the restrooms! : and she KEPT doing it! WTH? her parents were freaking of course when they came arount the corner and I'd told the associate who was helping us what she was doing. he was real thrilled. ha.
nasty nasty.

we also seemed to have lost paci while out today. *eek!!* so he's using a spare for now and dh will stop and pick up a new pack on his way home.

Garrett's been working on his pulling up on stuff. he's getting more efficient at it. its so adorable watching him reach for people to get up. dont know what it is about those little hands grasping out, but its dang precious!!
he's learning to play at his toybox too. got pics of him digging around in it to get the goodies.

I finally got the tree out of the house today! now need to move the couch back around and redo a few things. I'm feeling the 'declutter urge' hitting, so stuff better watch out!

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