Monday, January 15, 2007

didn't do much today. it rained most of the day (but nothing like what they were calling for) so very blah out there. we stayed home and just played here.
I got caught up on laundry (been working on it a couple days now *blush* ) so that was my big thing. also went through Garrett's tub of clothes and found some stuff he can wear that I'd forgotten about! WOO! hopefully what he has will get him through the cold season. and forgot to mention my mom took us to CARES this past Friday and let me pick out some stuff for G (18m stuff) to help stock up. cool!

my days stay dang busy with such a nosey body in the house.  I used to at least know he'd be in one area of the house, like the great room or the puter room, but now he's anywhere. night before last he crawled from the kids rooms to our room, which is across the whole house.  he's also pulling up. he'll get to his knees if he pulls up on things, but if he uses our hands he'll pull up to standing (even without moving our hands, don't know what the difference is  ). he gets SO happy when he stands himself up too, he just knows he's a stinker. LOL! so with this I'm expecting some sort of cruising/walking when or by the time he's 8 months. *egads* that's a month earlier than the C or H.

he's flipping his lips too (don't know what you actually call this), but he'll take his hand and go back and forth across his mouth (I taught him, I'm so proud! LOL ) and makes b-b-b-b-b-b-b- sounds.

I also weighed and measured him today since he'll be 7 months on Wednesday. he's slowed down quite a bit of course. he's 29 3/4" and 20 1/2lbs.

C and K will be going to Florida this weekend with my parents! they're going down to pick up a load of flowerpots for my mom to use in her mum garden for the coming years. she asked if the kids could go for the adventure, as well as helping to load up the pots.  so C and K are VERY excited about it. already asking what they should pack! LOL!

oh and on a funny side note, Gavin and katlyn both got a Mario tee for Christmas (Mario from Nintendo, its one of their fav characters). well, I had to almost PRY Gavin's off his body, plus his Nintendo theme pj pants yesterday so I could wash them. they keep hiding them and wouldn't put them in the laundry!!! LMBO!!! I told him they'd be walking on their own soon if he didn't cough them up! thankfully his Mario is fresh... er now. katlyn, that's another story. yikes!

and another successful nap time today, though it was shorter. G-man slept for 40 minutes this afternoon and about 40 more this evening on his pillow.
night time has gotten much easier for him. when he's done nursing, he lets me know he wants to be laid down in his bed. so I lay him down and he gets his blanket and goes to sleep. yeah, I'll take that!!

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