Thursday, January 25, 2007

I got sleep!

well, we had a reprieve from the 'no-sleep-club' last night!  he went down by 10:30 since he was exhausted from having no more than a 45 minute nap twice yesterday. he then slept until 6!!!  been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng time since he's done that! could have been from the dose of benedryl I gave him plus 2 teething tablets and some vicks rubbed on his chest? he's got a fierce snotty nose going on.
Could also be from the pillow I put in his crib for him to sleep on. its a very flat pillow, almost not a pillow, just enough fluff to call it a pillow. I put that in yesterday in hopes laying on it could help elevate him enough to help him breathe better. he loves pillows anyways.

and in the on-going poopie talk in here, G has had 2 days of good poops, on his own!! they've even been soft like a normal baby poop! course I'm sure its cause of his current snottiness that it is so, but its still nice. :)
he's also been in a very talkative mood again. DaDa, MaMa, NaNa are his words of choice. he even said Mama while crawling to me yesterday. *awwwwwwwww*  he was upset cause I was 'way' over there and he was looking for me.

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