Wednesday, January 10, 2007

morning sunshine!

I had fun doing those pics yesterday.  he did get over to the tricycle in the corner later and was playing with the pedals on it. I was already unloading my camera then. he also crawled under the end table for the first time last night! he found a shortcut from the living room to the computer desk. LOL! I'd put him down in front of the couch (daddy was watching tv), came over to DL a song for Canaan and then peeked back over the couch cause he was being so quiet and couldn't find him!  asked dh where he was and he (picking on me) said he was in the bathroom.  so I keep looking around the living room and finally hear a whine ... from under me! (I'm behind the end table) so look under it and there he is, seeing me!  so he then follows me out from under the table and into the puter room. the kids of course thought it was so funny that he crawled under a table. LOL!

on good news, he's pooping on his own right now! yes, he had a butt pill last night but he actually farted a few times today!  (seriously, this kid doesn't fart without help!) and he's a stinkin' so hopefully we've got a good one in there. (amazing how that would totally make my day!! : )

in the BEST news, NO ONE woke up sick last night!!!!!!!!!   G woke around 4:30 to eat, but that was it! wonderful!!!

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