Thursday, January 07, 2010

so we're out of school the rest of the weekend. really, I dont see the need, rediculous how jittery the schools are anymore. we do have emergency pick up points we can use if they dont want to go to all the back roads. we never use them though.
C had an ortho appt today, he was aggravated though cause they only graded him a 2 on his cleaning and he's to wear two sets of bands now. poor guy. goes back in 5 weeks and will be getting brackets on his back lower teeth. i'm sure he'll be complaining after that one too.
went to the gym afterwards, halfway through I realized I didnt put my deo on  LOL! luckily the gym wasnt that busy this morning, wish I could do that often! C's friend Graham met us there and we worked out for 1.5 hrs. I only did just over an hour and then went around with the boys as they worked out. I got in 30 minutes of cardio (3 ten minute intervals) and the rest were weights. I got up to 70 lbs on the leg press today! did 50 on the V squat! last time I did 40 and 20 on those. go me! I'm sure my legs will be feeling it tomorrow, but that's ok!
the boys enjoyed themselves, we may go tomorrow perhaps, who knows. I like going!

dh doesnt get to come in today. the truck coming from Canada got caught in the snow and wont arrive til tonight. he'll be home tomorrow though (he's back in AL).

oh oh oh , I found some AWESOME deals at waldenbooks yesterday. they're closing the store and stuff is 50-70% off. I got some Zelda manga put back for birthdays, a Thor premiere edition hardback comic for dh for Valentine's day and other stuff. I'm really hoping I have some extra $ this weekend so I can go back and get more stuff  I'm such a book nerd!

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Erica said...

Wow, would love a booksale like that!!