Tuesday, July 10, 2007

just today stuff

we had a good afternoon. K's soccer practice went well and it had cooled down a bit by then with the clouds and stuff, so that made it better. I ran some errands after I dropped her off. had to get some gas, mail some letters and stuff.

C called during the last half hour of K's practice cause they were on the way home. they won tonight! 4-3!! so from the way I understand it, if one certain other team loses their last game, that team is out and C's team gets to head to state! the coach will call tomorrow to let us know.

the kids were great at practice (they do much better at the soccer fields than the ball fields for some reason). I'd bought a box of Crunch n Munch to snack on while at walmart, so we snacked on that and the other stuff I'd brought (baby didn't get any of course, he had animal crackers)

dinner was tacos/nachos! and I of course ate too much, so feel like crapola.  you'd think I'd learn one of these years!

tomorrow as far as I know: NO PRACTICES!! we can stay at home all day! and its supposed to rain a lot, so that's perfect!

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