Wednesday, July 18, 2007

zombiefied but making it

we had a good day. G never has taken a good nap today, even with that sucktacular sleep he had. he did cat nap twice, but that's it.  he better sleep well tonight.

after dropping C off at practice I went to wmart to do the one hour photo, but thought I'd forgotten the film. searched my whole purse too. (turns out, I found it IN my purse after getting home. ) so we just wandered around wmart for a while. did find a new book I've been waiting on and picked up some .10 notebooks for the kids (they love using them to draw in)

I called the soccer coach while out too, cause yesterday I heard him talking that we were short a couple of players to be equal with the other teams. so I asked if C could signup and be on the team. he called the head guy and was happy to say its a go!! so he'll be there for practice tomorrow! he's excited, but nervous cause he's never played soccer before, but enjoyed doing it with them at practice on Tuesday.
K got to get out there and taught him some stuff today too, so that made her feel big.
so we'll go in a bit early tomorrow to get him some shin guards that fit (he was trying K's from 3 yrs ago tonight, but they're not big enough to cover those long legs LOL)
OH, funny thing while talking to the coach, he was asking about K and stuff and he asked how old she was (her league goes from 10-13) and I told him she'd just turned 10. he was VERY surprised and told me he'd been thinking she was at least 12.
I took the kids to Wendy's tonight for dinner. it was dang HOT outside. :P

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