Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the lowdown

daddy made it to practice tonight which the kids loved! he enjoyed watching them since he's not really seen many soccer games. they did a scrimmage tonight against a U-10 league team. they came out tied at the end.
while dh was there, I took the 3 youngest with me to Tasha's house. she had a bag of clothes for the boys and I had 2 bags of clothes for her to go through for Landon. she took all the clothes I had and I took all she had except 2 pieces for the boys. nice jeans/shirts, even some with tags still on. G and Landon played a bit while there. of course the first thing G did was go pull Landon's hair. *blush* poor L, he's like "who is this bully?!!" :-D

then came home and started dinner (spaghetti!) and dh, C and K got home not long after.

mom's watching the kids for me tomorrow. I've got 4 shops to do. have another due in town before friday night. might just do that one ON friday while in town... or maybe thursday before practice.

I'm tired tonight. bleh! I did get to sleep in this morning! G woke at 7:30, but I pacied him and laid him back down and he slept til after 9! I woke before he did. awesome when he does that! LOL!!

dh and I have talked and we will let C enroll this year. I've gotta get it done this coming week though cause school starts on the 6th. he's excited, but nervous. it'll be very odd not having him here during the day.

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