Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I forgot to mention the gross part of the day. today after driving home, G was asleep in the van, so I let him rest a bit (under the carport, in the shade with all the van doors open) he woke not long after we'd gotten all the stuff in the house. so I go to get him and realize he's blowed his britches up.  after holding him at arms length to get him inside to change (  :-D ) I go out to check the carseat and the pooh has run all down INTO the carseat frame!  so I get it out and start wrangling the cover off. how freaking hard does it have to be to get a cover off?? I got it all off except 2 elastic bands that were attached under a bracket bar underneath (where the poop was all pooled up of course) so I just snipped those off.  It seriously took me a good half hour to get that off! sheesh! then I had to spray out the seat frame and get it all dried. nasty. never had a blowout to do that bad before. yuck!

booger's in bed now. hopefully for a LONG restful night.

K's ear is still hurting. I remembered I had some ear drops that FSIL had just given me a couple weeks ago, so we're using those now and a tylenol every few hours if she needs it. she's been very grouchy today so I sent her to bed early. which of course hurt her feelings, but what are ya gonna do? *sigh*

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