Tuesday, July 31, 2007

can someone PLEASE tell my youngest to start pooping with normalcy?! my gosh. he had a blowout at the park, which I didn't realize til I was getting him in his carseat. then we left there to go to mcds for dinner and while I was waiting for my food, he blew up again! of course our mcds has no change table in the bathrooms! so back out to the van to clean him up once more.
does anyone think he may have a milk allergy? will that give you the runs a lot? I have no idea as none of us or anyone in the family has any milk allergies. I just dont know what to think as to why he's having such watery poops.

practice was fine. long, but fine. LOL! got there before 4 and coach was just a wee bit late. I took the little ones to the playground for an hour. they played in the sandboxes and everything. got nice and dirty/sweaty. LOL!
G was fascinated with the sandbox of course. other than that he liked just roaming around with me behind him, steering him where I wanted to keep him at.

tomorrow we'll be going to my moms for dinner!

Thursday is another early practice for goalie work. we'll have to leave a bit early that day so we can grab some dinner and then head to the school for Canaan's Open House. he's very excited!

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