Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garretts first ride on the bus!

I had dreams this morning (as I laid back in bed to enjoy the quiet after the big kids left), that I didnt get G ready in time so he dressed himself. long sleeve shirt, shorts and it was snowing outside!  can we say I was thinking about him catching the bus today?
he caught the bus fine. I think she got there about 10:10. not sure cause i didnt have my phone on me. he jumped on the trampoline, picked rocks and played in the yard while we waited. S eventually wandered back up to the porch to play with Lily.
he was amazed at teh big ol bus there to pick HIM up! I thought it'd be a small bus, but nope, its a big one!
S is watching Fresh Beats while I do this. she's not asked for "gary" yet but I figure it'll be soon.

a few jumps while waiting for the bus!

being told to watch for the bus drivers signal to cross the street

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