Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Garretts first day of preschool

I consider today a success! I had plenty of grouchy "OMG" moments, but we got through most of it already with no bruises or other boo boos and my hair is in tact, so I call it a success
I got G to school about 11:30 since I thought they started at 12. nope. they started at 11:30 all was fine though and he went right on in, only a couple of times running back to me for a mommy moment, then off again to explore his new room. the other kids were already involved in book time (wow, they were SITTING and looking at books : ). tomorrow the bus will be picking him up, so he'll be picked up anywhere from 10 to 10:30! wow!! he wont get off the bus with K until about 4:15, so that's a lot of time with just S and I!
today I splurged and took she and I to McDs for lunch after dropping him off. took a bunch of stuff to cosign as I had to do a mad dash through all the tubs to find fall items for the boys! thankfully I found a lot of 4t stuff for G to wear .
S fell asleep on the way home so I let her stay there til we left to go get G. maybe she'll get regular naps now!
ok, bus driver just called and he has to be ready by 10 am!
macaroni for dinner tonight. thinking of fixign some of the kids lunches for school...

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