Thursday, October 08, 2009

the appt went well. it was looooooooooong though  over 2.5 hrs there! geez! the good news though is that the dr just recommended he try some +100 reading glasses ($1.00 at the $ tree!) for 6 weeks and then go back for a recheck. the dr is very pleased with how well he's doing since he seen him last in jan. 08 (different dr than who did his surgery). he agreed that the eye turning in is pronounced, but only when he's straining on something. he said we can do another surgery, but at this point it'd only be for cosmetic reasons. I cant see putting G through that for just looks.
so good news!  he'll just have to fend off those few who may pick on him for his eyes at times. *sigh*

we got back in town about 5:30 so met dh and my mom at captain ds for dinner. amazing how sitting and waiting so long makes one so tired 

K stayed with her friend dana tonight. tomorrow I'll go to the bank and such. I'll also need to drop by the car place to finish paying on Tori's car (had to do all the leg work for her trading in her vehicle for FIL).
C wants to go to the football game tomorrow night. not sure about that. hmmm... mostly cause it tends to run so late and I really dont like having to be in town about 11pm to pick him up. :P

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