Thursday, September 03, 2009

braces are done!

today went really well. for those who have me on FB, I tried to post updates as we progressed, but the pics I sent didnt go through. I've tried posting tonight on there, but FB is being a PILL and its just not working. :P I do have pics from PB that I'll post in here though

our time at the ortho office was about 3 hours. he got blue bands put on front. he's learning quickly about what he can or cant eat. *snort* his first venture after the office was to get a jr burger. uh huh. I tried to talk him out of it, but do we know how hard headed a teen is? yep! he got about half of it down before giving up and eating 2 of my chic nuggets, then a few fries adn called it quits. he tried ramen tonight and that was not well. its not really the braces that are bothering him, its the expander in the roof of his mouth. it seems to catch all the food
he loves his new toothbrush (oral b pro sonic thing) courtesy of the orthodontists office (which it should be considering how much these braces cost!)
my sis came over and hung out with me for about half the visit, made it nice since C was kinda occupied LOL!
afterwards I took him to the mall to get the new Skillet CD for his bday and we went to wendys. (read above)

a few other stops to get errands done as well. gosh, Sams, best buy, guitar repair shop, gavin's school, $ store, picked up the two LO's from mom in town, then home for when sis got off the bus.

sarina has a fever tonight. she's not been as poopy, but tired and cranky would describe her very well. she's still awake right now tho and is in the "I'm not tired! really I'm not *yawn*" stage. LOL

tomorrow I have parent/teacher meetings. my earliest is at 8 am. dang it. :P

ok, I'll do pics next post.

oh, FIL didnt get in tonight, he had another load to carry, so will be in tomorrow, as will dh.

I love this pic. he's discovered that eating a burger will not be the same for the next 20 months!

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Angie said...

I remember braces all too well. It does take some time to get used to certain foods (and candy/gum) but he will get the hang of it. I hope he's not too sore!