Saturday, September 05, 2009

c's bday party

so I'm resting finally! its been SUCH a long day. wow, bday party days always make me dog tired!
so it started out I still had to go to the store this morning. FIL got in last night late and I had to get up early thanks to hunter LOL.
I got done with food getting about 10. back to the house so we can get everything finished up and together to head to the park. I even still had to decorate the cake! (which thankfully was easy per C's wishes!)
so we're running late and about 1 we're heading to the park... only to find out its CLOSED today cause of a tractor pull!  yeah, if we wanted in the park at 1:00, we'd have to pay $5 per person for a pull that was at 7pm!! I gave them a few choice words to say the least! UGH! so we turned back around to come home for teh party.
my house was a wreck and all these people are here *sigh* how embarrassing! :P
throwing stuff around and making a quick clean up though I guess it was doable. we finally ate about 2:30 I think.
C had 6 friends over, my mom and Sdad, my dad, our family, my brother, my SIL and her fiance and my FIL. :) 21 people, not bad!
we set up some quick table space outside to give more room (my house is just way too small to accomodate all these people inside!!) and it worked out much better.
dh and FIL took C and his friends bowling around 5. still waiting on them to get home! I'm sure they're having a ball!
got pics, just need to resize to share.

gavin and hunter went home with my dad, we'll pick them up tomorrow after the reunion they were super excited to be going of course!

we'll be leaving about 9am and I have NO idea when we'll be back. I know i'll be tired cause it'll be a lot of driving. :P

I know C got a lot of $, I think $60 last he told me. that's what he wanted! we'll see how long he keeps it LOL!

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