Thursday, October 30, 2008


so I made it through tonight! woo! I'm so proud of myself
as soon as the kids got home off the bus, we got our gear together and headed out to kung fu class. after dropping the boys off (K went home with a friend today so they could TOT around her neighborhood) I went to pick up some clothes that were being given to us, so I got 2 diaper boxes of clothes there, along with a strawberry costume for Sarina (which is cool since we have none)
so back into town I go, enough time to sit in the truck and go through the boxes before class is over and to get H and Garrett into their power ranger costumes (the stretchy ones they play in-we just slipped them over their regular clothes LOL).
we left the truck at the dojo and walked up town to the square where they were doing trunk or treat for the city.
now, anyone that's been following me knows we usually go to our church for their fall fest and don't do costumes or anything, just go and play games, ride rides and get tons of candy. so this is actually the first year my kids have been to any type of TOT thing. (yes, *gasp* *shock* and all that stuff, but they've been fine and we've had tons of candy to prove it LMBO!)
so they were excited that we were doing this to say the least.
our town decided to do the TOT thing tonight instead of tomorrow (not sure why) so it seems ALL the surrounding counties came here for extra loot! omgosh, the square was packed-but I didn't know the half of it when we first walked up! LOL! so we came in and went through a few cars then went on to the main area that people were milling about and I just join in with the crowd (oops, I found out later that we actually cut "line" LOL), we walk around half the block and I see the block-long line still waiting to go through the square!!! *WTH?!* so I'm like "those people are waiting to get in here to the other side of the square??... oh no. we're so done!" so we pack up and head back to the dojo (about a 3 block walk).
we got a big bowl full of candy (K didn't share what she got, so that's just between the 3 boys LOL).
Gavin told me on the way back "mom, I'm not sure about this TOT stuff cause that's a whole lot of walking to do" LMBO
Garrett never would hold his bag to get candy... in fact the first time someone put a piece IN his bag, he snatched it back out and proceeded to gobble all he could while he had the bag!! I had to take it away eventually, but there's no telling how much he managed to stuff in his gullet. LOL!!!

I seen some friends up there, including the lady that gave us the clothes and it seems a LOT of people know Canaan. girls, I've got a popular boy on my hands cause all kinds of little girls were hollering "Canaan!!!!!!!!"
I took the 5 to captain ds afterwards (before the crowds came in!) then we went to pick up Sis and came home about 8:30 to hurry and get kids ready for bed. :P
this weekend will seem like half an empty house cause C and K will be staying with friends tomorrow, C has 2 parties to go to Saturday and Sunday he has play practice and we have church.
Robert comes home tomorrow night and I told him it'll probably be a quiet weekend...maybe! LOL!

but ugh, I feel like we're always running and the kids are never home. I'm in withdrawal. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun night of T-O-T. I love it when we go out every year, only Emily goes in our house. :-( I dread it when she outgrows it.