Thursday, October 23, 2008

 I wanted to update last night, but didnt get a chance and was too tired by the time everyone went to bed.
yesterday was... well, a day. the first part was fine, got in town for my WIC pickup, mom took the two boys and I just had Sarina. made things much easier.
C had called before I'd left to say his tummy was hurting and was wanting to come home. so before I picked up the boys, I picked up Canaan.
he ended up spending the rest of the day laying down or sleeping or being in the bathroom. geez, I hope it doesnt go around the house! I'd picked him up about 10:30 and there were already about 12 kids that had been picked up from sickness before him. :P

so the time at home was fine. when K and Gav got off the bus we loaded up (minus C) and went to karate practice. (they got to break boards last night!)
we had spaghetti for dinner to finish off some sauce I had opened up. always a hit in this house

as we were getting ready for bed though that's when it got interesting. Garrett was playing in the living room with Hunter and fell... on the small speaker that's in front of the tv... on the corner. imagine a perfect corner/right angle stabbing into your forehead and that's what Garrett got.
so after I got the bleeding stopped, my Sdad came over (we'd been trying to reach mom, but she was in the church for practice and we couldnt get through) to watch the little ones and C went with me to the ER.
it was already about 9:30 by this time.
G was calm by then as well, the wound was just seeping and I'd cleaned his face off cause seeing himself covered in blood made him cry harder (and of course caused more stress just being that way).
I'm very happy to say the staff was quick (and they werent busy) so we got in fast and out fast.
I thought for sure he'd need stitches to pull the skin back out and pull it together, but they were able to use dermabond and steri strips. he did SO well through it all too! never made a peep, just stared at the nurse fixing him up. totally surprised me!
we were heading home by 10:30. TY Lord!
it took him a while to go to sleep, but he slept well all night and only ended up taking off the bandaid that was over the work by this morning.
he's not complained of his head at all today, though he's been super whiney since he cracked his eyes open.
oh, and K and G missed the bus this morning cause C still wasnt feeling well. I reminded K that she does have an alarm clock. :P so my morning was even earlier to get them in town (and had to take Garrett with us cause they woke him up too).
I'm pooped. LOL

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