Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so Sarina had her appt with the ENT today. I had to be there just over an hour earlier than expected cause the doc had to leave the office. put me in a rush to get out of here, but we made it!
the office was SUPER nice! (speaking of the staff and doc) so that was a really good thing to walk into. they all just made over Sarina and her red hair. one of the nurses even took her to play with her after the appt while we were scheduling.
the doc is super sweet. he does see some tongue tie in her, not severe, but enough that he's worried about her speech later on or little things like the ability to lick ice cream cones and such (he even mentioned kissing LOL). so we'll be going on Nov. 19th for her out patient surgery. (and insert other various *nervous* smilies in here). we have to be there at 5:30 since she'll be the first surgery but its not til 7, but wont take any longer than 10 minutes to complete. she'll be sleeping, but breathing on her own the whole time, so will be able to go about her normal eating when she wakes up.
I called my dad to see if he could go with us, so he's going to be here at the house when we're ready to leave (about 4:30 am) and will hang out with us that day. H and Garrett will just stay the night with my mom on Tuesday so they wont have to get up early. the big kids can get off to school on their own.
he did ask if anyone else was tongue tied, which we know of no one on either side of the family. he said it's usually a genetic thing, but not so very uncommon to not know family that have it.
so its a simple procedure, but I'm still asking for any prayers and thoughts to make this easier. pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

otherwise things are the same. didn't go to kung fu tonight as I got in right when the kids got off the bus so way too hectic to get right out the door to go. :P

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Kimmy Jones said...

Courtney had an issue with her tongue when she was a baby. The doctor noticed it. That skin that connects the tongue to the bottom of your mouth went to the tip of her tongue so she couldn't stick it out very far and if she did, you could see it pulling her tongue down the center. They said they could do surgery to clip it or wait to see if it stretched. I left it and hers seemed to stretch fine. She doesn't have problems with it at all anymore. It was funny when she was a baby cause when she stuck out her tongue it looked like it was forked from where the attachment was so far toward the tip of her tongue. Hope all goes well with your little girl.