Monday, November 03, 2008

about Sarina

Name: Sarina

Nickname(s): Red, Na-na, Nina, Little Girl, Baby Girl,

Age: 6.5 months

Weight: about 20 lbs

Height: about 28"

Clothing Size: 12m on average

Diaper Size: 3's

What are they eating?: still mostly nursing with some formula and the occasional table food, but yesterday she actually started 'liking' baby food! it'll be much easier to feed her foods through the day now if she continues.

What kind of eater are they? (picky, voracious, messy, neat...): MESSY and slightly picky! omgosh, this girl can make a mess!! even nursing she dribbles out the side, so when she eats foods, it gets everywhere!! today I even found it on my legs for gosh sakes

How are they Sleeping?: pretty good. still napping about 3 times a day, though she was trying to push that last nap to about 7pm which totally wasnt working for bedtime, so this weekend we've been working on that. otherwise, she'll (normally) still go to bed about 9-10 and sleep to between 2-5am then come to bed with me for nursing and snoozing the rest of the night.

Health: very healthy she will be going on the 19th to get her tongue clipped but she should be back to herself in just a few hours.

Milestones and mobility?: still not officially crawling yet, just gets up on all 4's, rocks, goes backwards wonderfully, but will flop herself forward as of this weekend. I dont really expect her to get mobile (officially) til she's 7 months.
she also cut her first tooth last week!

'language' skills? fav sound is still ba-ba and ya-ya, but she does sometimes say da-da. she also raspberries really great.

Favorite activities or toys: ME! we're totally going through seperation anxiety now and she doesnt like me getting out of her sight. :P

CTTD (cute things they do): she curls her nose up and snorts

Been any new places? hmm... no, dont think so.

How is Mommy/family feeling: feeling better! been working on the body challenge so I'm not so down on myself.

Anything else: have I mentioned that i dont like seperation anxiety?

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