Wednesday, October 15, 2008

we had a good day here though, stayed busy! we left here around 9:30 this morning. FIL hadnt left out yet, but we said our 'byes' cause he'd be gone before we got back.
grabbed some BK before getting to teh doc's office *yum!*

Sarina of course is a perfect baby. she's 19.9 lbs and 28", HC is 17.5", so everything is on the exact same curve with her now. the doc was a *bit* concerned that her weight has just gone straight up over the last few months instead of showing a wee bit of slacking off signs. (she didnt mention it, I asked about it). I'm thinking it may mostly be from where I put her in bed with me at night after she waked around 2 and just let her suck and sleep for however long. obviously she gets plenty of calories from that. :)
her ears are perfect (a question I asked since she's always pulling her ears. I'd hoped it was just from 'finding' them and it is). she's hit all her milestones for things she should be doing as well.
the only issue is her tongue. I mentioned the slight fork at the tip of her tongue and the doc wants her to be looked at JIC. she doesnt think it will cause her any problems since she's now nursing well and can eat solids fine, but wants a specialist to give it a look to make sure it wont give problems later on in life. so I'll call back tomorrow for that appt. hopefully it wont even be an issue and we'll have no worries with it.

stopped at a couple of thrift stores on teh way back then got my shop done. got home and had time to get a bit of lunch for the kids and I before K adn G got off the bus. they got off the bus about 4:15 and we were back out the door by 4:40 to go pick up C at football and head to karate class. we were 6 minutes late (started at 5). I was in such a rush I actually forgot my purse!
thankfully I had enough gas to get back home (and back to town) cause I'd been up poop creek otherwise! LOL!

Garrett was sent to bed just after 8. :( he's been SUCH a handfull lately. I need to pull out my journals to find out when this stage passes. and for the record, Hunter was sent to bed early as well cause he's coming in a close 2nd in the race for Royal Booger between the two.

still gotta get my shower in
tomorrow's Thursday! woo!! that means dh will be home soon! TG! :)

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