Saturday, October 25, 2008

TAPS for the micro and all that jazz

checking in for a bit. dh is home this weekend the reason I'm not on here playing of course. he has to go back to AL on Monday again. he said they should only have one or two more weeks on this job.
we'll be going to the city tomorrow to go to Sams and take a BUNCH of stuff to goodwill (from switching out summer/winter stuff) and we're checking into some phone options for the family.

oh, we had to buy a new microwave today (thank goodness for good paychecks now) cause while fixing dinner Friday night, it went *ZAP!!!!!!!* while cooking up some broccoli! dead as a doornail! so we got a new one today the same size as our other (it had lasted us for 13 years BTW), and it looks great, sounds great, all that stuff... except one important thing... it doesn't COOK anything!!!! darn GE. doesn't even get anything warm for gosh sakes. so it goes back tomorrow!

the funniest thing though was Friday night, C wanted to fix himself a bowl of soup. he got ready to stick it in the micro, then realized he couldn't. so he looked at me like *hmmm?* and asked "what am I supposed to do?!" ROFLOL!!
so I had to explain that before there were microwaves people had to use the big thing called the stove! he felt goofy after about 2 seconds of saying what he did.

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Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie!