Wednesday, September 27, 2006

sleep will make it all better!

just put G2 down and praying that we have a good night. last night sucked once again since he was up from 2:30-4:40 am. so I've implemented the 'sleep thread' techniques (started yesterday with naps really, so it can only go better from here... right?! ) he did nap pretty well on the 3rd take today 2 short 30 minute naps during the day til about 5 then he slept for about an hour and 15 finally (w/ a short wake up 45 minutes into it where I was able to just paci and pat his butt back to sleep). he's down earlier than usual too... course he could pop back awake w/in the next half hour. he's done that plenty of times. he's just so exhausted cause he's so busy during the day and doesn't really take long naps usually anyway. definitely time to get him sleeping better.
I remember Hunter being 7 months and us going through this. course then they can pull up and it makes it harder! I'm starting earlier this time. I need my sleep!!

I did get out for a walk with him today in the stroller. we went out around the yard and looked at everything. he was fine as long as we move. stinker. got much stuff cleaned/picked up, including a bit of rearranging on my living room. love that! our LR is pretty set the way it is and not much can be changed unless we got a new couch. (its a 3pc sectional). but I finagled some stuff and we have a different look for a while now. dh likes it so we'll see how long I keep it like this.
tomorrow is grocery day and the temps are to fall some too. mid 60s I believe. (BRRR LOL!) raining right now, but the kids went down fast.

I got to have a good chat with my neighbor, Regina, today. they're going to PA for the weekend and wanted to borrow my honkin washer to clean up a couple comforters before going. been a long time since we got to talk really! made me realize I need to make woman time with some gals. her, my friend Danielle and my friend Becky. need to get together with each of them on a good day and just BE! the kids will enjoy it too cause they all have homeschool kids their age.

ok, off to do a bit of stuff before running to bed while I can! he's still sleeping, so I may get a few winks in!

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