Monday, September 25, 2006


G2 did go back to sleep around 6:15 or something like that. back up at 8 and had Canaan take him and entertain him so I could sleep more. he's back in bed now, don't know how long cause of the boys. late start today for sure. ugh. I'm just in a very cranky/bad better to send the kids to my moms for the day, but I know she'd not want to watch them. I get so upset sometimes cause it seems such a chore to watch the kids and she's the ONLY person we have to watch them. I hate asking and I feel like my kids are bad or something when I get the ol' hem/haw about watching them all. pity party for me today.
maybe it'll be good for me to go back to work come November. at least then I will get some time to myself, even if its to drive back and forth from work.

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