Saturday, September 23, 2006

blast o' fun!

so we had a good day. Garrett and I got in a 2 hr (much needed) nap at noon. after getting up we got ready for our pics. its been raining/storming all day so we got wet going in. no worries though cause we had to wait @ 30 minutes. :P
I'm VERY happy w/ how the pics came out! it took like 5/6 tries, but we finally got one w/ no goofy faces. one had hunter puffing his cheeks out, one w/ Gavin hiding behind my head, one w/ katlyn looking off in space and another w/ H doing something goofy. we did get individual pics taken, but not buying those. they'll be OL on Monday though, so I'll show them off then. Garrett was getting fussy by the end so I had to hold him for his pic, didn't come out great, but oh well. we'll finally have a family pic again w/ all of us! yay!!

did have a FUNNY moment this afternoon. one of the kitchen sink handles have been messing up, so dh went to work on it today. well, you know those funny TV shows where it pops off and water is blasting up to the ceiling???? YEP!! that's it!! LOL! it caught him off guard. I was changing a dipe and hear what sounds like the sink sprayer going full blast, then C yelping cause he got wet, H too! so I put G2 in the crib to investigate. cabinets were dripping! LMBO!!
he got the water shut off quick, but there was still a lot of sopping up to do for everyone. funny stuff! LOL!
and yes, he fixed the handle.

we'll be going to my cousins tomorrow! w/ or w/o the kids, gotta ask my mom. I'd like to just dh and I go, but we'll see. they still have tons of boxes everywhere, but I wanna see the new place!

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