Wednesday, September 13, 2006

just stuff and getting chilly!

I had to pull out some long sleeve stuff for all the kids today! its been like 68 the past couple days here during lunch! :wow: course I've had all the windows up enjoying it and stuff. :D but needed something to keep the goosebumps off everyone. went ahead and pulled out all G2s stuff except the 12m items. found a 6-9m sleeper I'd gotten at a yard sale, NWT for $1.50. its so cute, velour with ducks on the feet and embroidered duck prints and a matching hat. :love: he's wearing it tonight, makes him all soft and snuggly!

got more pics of him playing in the jumperoo tonight, wearing his little jeans. I think babies look so adorable in jeans! hehe!!

dh will be home tomorrow evening and tomorrow day we'll be going grocery getting. I'm thinking of using some of my food money to get G2 one of those 3 drawer rubbermaid 'dressers' (KWIM?) he needs a space to keep his stuff in besides the change table and hanging up. it'd fit perfect in the closet under the lowest half shelf. *thinking thinking*...

I'm sure hoping G2 sleeps well tonight. he's not done well the last two. course I've gotta get my butt to bed also, so going there now!

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