Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I gots me some sleep again!

starting earlier today. Garrett slept well again last night, from 11:15- 6:30, up for about 15 minutes after I put him in bed w/ me to nurse and he went back out and is still snoozing. I think he would have continued to sleep in the PNP, but he was head butting the corner again.
and I'm wondering if he's going to be a thumb sucker. he's taken to wearing out sucking on his thumb the past couple days. he's chewed his fingers for quite a while, but now its the thumb! he lays his hands across his face and makes all kinds of suckling noises. Gavin used to hold all 5 digits up and suck his thumb.
oh, and Garrett put another good sized hickie on dh last night! : crazy!
and I've gotta start hunting up 12m sleepers already. all the ones I bought last month are fitting now the same way the 3-6 were at that time. dang! I should get hopefully another months use out of them... maybe. some are longer than the others, but not by much. its dang hard to find 12m sleepers at yard sales too! while I'm at it, gotta find the kid some cold weather stuff. he's got some, but not a lot. enough for now since its off and on cool weather, but I like to be prepared!

I'm thinking of making pancakes and stuff for breakfast today. YUM!

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