Thursday, September 21, 2006

just the usual

well, I didn't get much zzz's last night. :lol: ugh. seems like he'll give me a couple good nights, then a couple bad ones. :dead: why am I not in bed now? I'm hard headed. :lol: I just laid him down about 15 minutes ago, so I'm heading there when I'm finished here.

got both my shops done today, but not without some frustration (a return trip because the package/clip board I gave to Canaan to carry out to the van for me while I grabbed the carseat, got laid on the counter and forgotten til I got to the location.)

but it all worked out.

I got my grocery getting done while in town this morning too, did go over my budget, but got 2 packs of rechargeable D batteries (that I'm needing) on sale for $6 each and a pack of medium flow nipples for G2's bottles. that stuff is what put me over. ah well, not like I'm stocking up on sweets or junk. and my grocery budget is only $80 a week, so I think that's pretty good. :lol:

in town tomorrow to pay bills and such and see if we can find this boy some 12m stuff. I did find 3 outfits today at a yard sale we chanced upon. $1 for all together, good deal. ;)

oh, Wal-Mart has a $1.98 special going on right now through tomorrow for a nice package. I'm going to TRY to get the kids in nice clothes in the morning so we can go in and get their pic together. would have done it today, but we had a power ranger and Scooby doo. :lol:

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