Saturday, April 08, 2006

storm damage

we are all safe and sound! watching the news again this morning to see the updates of the areas hit hard. there was so much damage, but all my family/friends were protected in one way or another. thank you God!
The Gallatin area I was talking about turned out to be the same area that Robert has been working in the past week! but yesterday he was moved from that job and moved into Nashville! the tornado took out whole affluent subdivisions, huge gas stations, huge car dealerships and everything. huge mess! my OB and hospital are on the west side of all that happened. Gavin's eye dr is closer to that area though, so I'm hoping they all made it ok.
My sister works/lives in the area of Hendersonville/Goodlettesville that was hit. My mom no longer works down there now and it was south of where Kimmy was. it hit close to my neice Courtney's school, but not at it. Kimmy's house wasnt hit, but her SIL (who lives in a subdivision behind her) had the streets behind her hit very hard and they'll be w/o power for at least a week. Kimmy's SIL will be staying with her mom (Kimmy's MIL) til all is restored.
Kimmy's mom (adopted mom) was driving up through all this mess to pick up Courtney for the weekend, but was ahead of the bad storms by minutes.
the storms north of us were mainly to the northeast, not where my family lives (to the north and then directly east of us). so we are all safe!
the pictures are terrible and I feel so bad for all the people that lost everything, and there are a LOT of them out there.

I've gotta run in town today to cash an expense check for dh. he's going to IN this coming week (same place he was the other week).

I've not taken a belly pic yet, gotta get some makeup on first.

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