Saturday, April 29, 2006

romping around

having dinner here at moms. pizza kits for pepperoni pizza and we have a quick and easy dinner!
mom kept the youngest three for me while C and I went up to check out the Toyota van. it sure was nice, but no go on getting it. it'll be at least another year. no biggie, we figured as much. but I at least got to see how the 8 seater sits and what kind of room is in it. I really like it and would like that to be the next vehicle we get.
we also stopped at B&N to see what was on special. they had extra discounts for teachers so we found a couple of farm books for the boys and C found a spy kit and a baseball book.
I wore my new 'baby on board' shirt today and got 2 compliments! both after hearing how much longer I had. the sales lady told me I "wear pg well' and another lady at the dealer got so tickled and said I "look so cute!" its so odd hearing compliments at this point, usually people are gasping and wondering how I'm walking.

I'm tired again today. Gavin has gotten in a habit of waking me when he gets up (usually about 7) and 'pssting' me to ask for poptarts or cereal bars til I wake up. he needs to quit that!!!! I'll be locking him in his room after the baby gets here! (hard to do when there's no locks on their doors LOL ). now watch, he's done this all week (well, he usually does this every day) and tomorrow being sunday and when we have to get up earlier, they'll ALL sleep late! little boogers.

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