Monday, April 10, 2006

same and different


had a thought today of putting down some of the differences/similarities of my different pgs. :) I love going back to read in my journals to see what was going through my head or going on with my body at the same stage I am now.


so, here goes:

pg #5 yet-to-be-named

-braxtons are tolerable most days

-very rare cramping, but round ligament pains suck eggs!

-pelvic pain is much worse if I've been laying on a firm surface or in the same position for a long time.

-baby is very active, can feel his feet rubbing across my belly.

-belly button is pooched out at night only across the top, so not really popped yet.

-baby is measuring a week behind to right on time.

-dropped 2 lbs at my appt last week

-cervix is softened, yet no dilation. (which is a good thing! LOL)

-baby is not engaged

-I weigh 176

-no sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, numb fingers or other oddball stuff going on. (loudly knocking on wood here!!! )


pg #4 Hunter

-had terrible pg carpal tunnel that kept me in a splint on my right hand and made it dang hard to type! LOL! my left was effected too, just not as bad as the right one.

-at 32 weeks, found he was a tranverse breech baby.

-had a lot of cramping around this time that sent me to the dr for a cervical check, JIC.

-so many braxtons that the top of my tummy felt bruised from the activity. also racked with backaches.

-dropped 3 lbs at my dr. check (remember I dropped 2 at my last appt this time, and I dropped a few at the same point with Gavin)

-still no name at this time (boy, does THAT sound familiar!!)

-Hunter was measuring ahead at 32 cm when I was 30 weeks.

-I was 187 lbs

-baby is definitely not engaged

-my skin felt very itchy all the time


pg #3 Gavin

- had placental abruption at 12 weeks, thought for sure we'd lost our baby.

-during my later 2nd tri, C and K contracted 5ths disease and freaked me out.

-BP ran a smidge higher than normal (one entry had it at 132/88).

-Gavin measured about a week ahead when my belly was measured.

-my belly button was pooching out at this point.

-I was 188 lbs

-didnt take the 3 hr glucose. ;)

-baby is not engaged


pg #2 Katlyn

-she's VERY active and my belly button is just starting to pooch

-I was 186 lbs (the previous dr appt entry had me up 3 lbs, so I also lost weight at this point with her)

-had a 2nd u/s to confirm size (and got another gender shot)

-braxtons were "driving me crazy and I've been crampy a little in my pelvis area"

-she's head down and engaged


pg#1 Canaan

-no dilation or softening yet

-my legs get tired very easy from carrying this 'canonball' in my belly ( LOL )

-average about 20 braxtons a day

-the middle finger of my right hand was numb for about the last 8+ weeks.

-sciatic pain was kicking my butt (literally)

-"my belly's getting heavy. I think I need a harness to hold it up."  ( LOL )

-had a baby shower during my last week of work

-We have a solid name!

-head is lowering into the birth canal... OW my puddy!

-dr.s estimated weight by palpatating my belly was 6.14 lbs (geez, and they didnt think he'd be big at birth???)

-no dilation

-I weighed 190.5 lbs


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