Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter fun update!

Happy Resurrection Jesus (thank you!) and a beautiful day to all!

got a ton of pics to share from this afternoon. will post those in a sec. Church was good, really enjoyed it! I even had some words of wisdom given to me (the spirit gave them to the sunday school teacher to give me-along with other people who had words given). which was really cool, cause it was totally on the mark in something I could understand.
they went like this
1. Your best is yet to come
2. I'll give you wisdom to pass on to your children
3. I'll not change the course I've called you to

now, these are significant to me because I've been having many doubts lately about if I'm a good homeschool mom. (the usual, 'do I do enough', 'how long will I do this', 'is it the best thing', etc...) now, the teacher today does NOT know that I homeschool nor did I say a thing about any of it, its all just been on my heart and mind for a while. so to have those words spoken to me really say a lot and give me a refreshment. so awesome the way God does that!

for service, the group my mom sings with did a special song, His Life For Mine. My mom had put together a video presentation to sing along with the song on the overheads with footage from The Passion and man, it was SO good! everyone was riveted on the screens, just so touching with such beautiful music.

oh, another great thing, Hunter finally got a quiet seat prize at sunday school!!! its been a few months since that happened! LOL!!

we went to my moms after church and started dinner. Dad and the kids got there about an hour later and dh was right behind them. dinner was great, grilled chicken, burgers and hotdogs with mashed taters, corn, baked beans, chips and salad. *yum yum!* mom also fixed banana pudding. hehe!

after the food settled a bit, we sent the kids down to the creek with papaw so we could hide the eggs (over 200 of them!). the kids had a blast to say the least! they all made out with money, some more than others. LOL!
gavin found $22
Hunter found $14
Katlyn found $13
Canaan found $12
the other kids (Anthony and Hayley) also found $, but I cant remember how much). the rest was in CANDY so yes, we are plenty stocked on chocolate for a while! LOL! oh, some real eggs too that mom and I did.

so it was a blast. my brother and SIL came over after the egg hunt and brought Tyson (mini-pincher) and he entertained everyone. he learned how to slide down the slide by himself (so funny!) and the kids got pushed and twirled on the big tree swing. they are surely very worn out tonight!

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