Friday, April 28, 2006

friday stuff

*yawn* so tired. Fridays wear me out! we had some good finds today though! my mom got me some new shirts for $1 each at the last yard sale we stopped at! that just tickles me cause I've only got about 3 shirts that fit nicely (short sleeved), everything else is very very baggy on me. I dont wanna look bigger than I am! LOL! pics of the new shirts are in the flickr stream!
got a lot more things I didnt take pics of. found 5 new shirts for K and one short outfit (.50 each), 2 shirts for C (.25 each), a new swimming mask for the kids (.25), shorts for K (.25), 4 power ranger motorcycles and a fire engine for the young boys (.50 each), burp towel for baby w/ frogs and turtles on it (.25), a Barbie Pegasus horse for K (.50) and a water babies Pooh outfit for K-she found a tigger outfit last week ;) (.25)... hmmm, I guess that's about it. probably something I missed. getting stuff washed up now so I can wear my new shirts this weekend! ^_^
we had lunch at McDs with Papaw on his lunch break so the kids loved that. then when we were done yard saling, we went to walmart. that place just wears me out!
while there the Toyota dealer called and said they'd gotten in an 8 seater Sienna, so I'm going to try to go up and check it out tomorrow while mom watches the kids. probably wont be able to get it at this point, but I can drive it to see how I like it and the seating arrangements on it. (and dream and wish LOL! )

and mom agreed that I should get my bag packed. LOl!

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