Tuesday, April 25, 2006

33wk dr appt

had a good dr. appt.  gained 1 lb for an 11 lb gain (by the dr office), BP was 100/56 (as low as its been the whole pg) and baby's fundal height is 32cm. dr. guesstimated him at 4.5 lbs right now, so right on average.  I like hearing all that!
course we still have just over 6 weeks of growing to do, so baby could well be H's size or better (just hoping not Canaan's size) cause H was measuring the same at this point, so we'll have to keep an eye on him.
In position as well, which I'm very glad of!
Dr. P did make notes on my chart about fast labors when my water breaks. LOL! I dont mind those fast labors at all, as long as I'm at the hospital for a catcher! LOL!
didnt sleep well last night, so all tired today. called mom after I got home so I could take a nap before getting the kids and got about an hours rest when she called and said Hunter had had an accident. seems he was being his hard-headed self and wouldnt listen about not running behind the big tree swing while Katlyn was swinging. so he got a good thwack on the side of the head that really had her stressin.
he seems to be fine, a little red place on his cheek from some small busted blood vessels, but otherwise fine. he says it doesnt hurt, only the back side where he landed on the ground.  told her I guess he blocked out the first thump. that kid gets into more scrapes than another other of mine. you'd never know it though cause Gavin looks like he's been boxing! he's got a little black eye under the right eye-he has no idea how he got it, a long scratch on his left cheek from one of the cats, a pinpoint scratch on each nostril (looks like he's got earring studs in his nose on both sides LOL ) and a big scab under his nose just over his lip where he sucks on his lip for whatever reason. Lord, that child looks rough.
over here at mom's now. we may stay for dinner. she's got a good country dinner going on: beans, taters, pot roast and all the fixins.  sounds real good to me!!
oh, I'm on 2 week visits now, my next is on May 10th I think, then again 2 weeks after that, then I'll be on one weekers!

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