Thursday, July 23, 2009

hey, I'm here, been lurking a bit and trying to post. hadnt gotten the gumption up to post an update
been busy, as usual and just feel like vegging when I sit down here at night.

let's see... dont remember what I last posted and I dont want to flip back a page, so I'll start where I think I left off.
C's team won their regional tourney, so they're going to state. they were supposed to play yesterday, but it got rained out, so they'll be heading up today to play tonight at 6. if they win, they play again... hmmm... it was supposed to be tonight, but maybe it'll be friday now. and if they lose they'll play saturday.

C was at youth camp this past weekend and had a great spirit filled time, he was really fired up when he came back.  K is eager to go next year (she'll be in youth then, she couldnt go this year yet)

monday dh went to Athens, TN for work, but got to come home tuesday night cause he was going to the tourney with C. he's taking vacation days the rest of this week.

tuesday was student registration for all the schools. I had tori come and sit with the kids while I did that. I have everyone done! (had to finish hunter up yesterday) so the oldest 5 are ready for school now. I've got most of the school supplies, have about 1/3 of the lists still to get. dont have C's yet, I'm guessing he'll get his at Freshmen orientation on the 31st or maybe Wmart will have a list.
K likes her homeroom teacher! I met Gav's teachers and they both seem really nice (and I told him they were pretty ;). I talked to a couple of the preschool teachers as well. Garretts eval is on Aug. 28th at 9:30.
I'm really hoping he doesnt get one of the teachers I met. she didnt smile at ANYTHING. EVER. I mean, geez!! the other was super friendly.

that day I also had dropped Lily off at the groomers. oh, the original groomer I called monday to set up an appt and she no longer was in business! oh well I didnt look forward to going in there anyway. found another who is actually closer to me (woot!) and was $35 for teh works. included getting her teeth done, her ears cleaned, haircut of my choice, nails done, bath, perfume, bandana. she looked SOOOOOOOOOO pitiful when I dropped her off! omgosh! I was ready to turn around and go back and get her! its like her little brown eyes were saying "you're leaving me???" geez! can you tell I'm hooked??  but she was so very excited to see me when I got her! she was bouncing around all excited and that little curly tail was just a goin'!  the groomers said she did great for them.  they did notice that when she was in her cage she sat with her back to them, facing the wall. they said that's a trait that a dog whose been in a cage alot (shelter or for breeding) will exhibit.  my poor little furbaby.
the groomer also didnt think she was a pekepoo like the owners had said. her hair is wavy, not curly, but I've seen plenty of pekepoos whos hair is only wavy.  the groomer was guessing a shih tzu/maltese mix maybe.
anyhoo, Lily looks so dang cute now! we had her trimmed up short all over except her tail and head and she had her head hair trimmed up and cleaned. she looks so tiny now! LOL!! I've not been in a big picture taking mood, but got one pic the day she came home from the groomer:

I also had to do Hunter's pysical taht day at the health dept. oy! I was first in line and it still took me 2 hours! :P
my day tuesday went like this:
out the door at 8:30, drop Lily off at groomers, grab breakfast, go to school to register (2 hrs+). go to walmart for a few school supplies while by myself and grab a snickers bar. check on Lily (not done), go home and pick up Hunter and race back in town (physicals started at 1) first in line at health dept. proceed to wait 2 hrs before we're done and can leave. stop and pick up Lily. race back home, have kids get into kung fu gear and go back into town. drop them off, meet Tori at McDs (she had to leave before I could get back) and then sit with her and yak for an hour. back and pick up kids, take C to ball practice-met dh there. back home around 6:30, walk dog again, fix dinner amist the chaos of being gone all day (the house was a WRECK), dh and C get home and we eat, clean up kitchen-C does dishes, then FINALLY get to sit down and feel like a lump! 
yesterday I had a WIC appt at 10 and had to take Garrett with me. dh had a dr appt at 9. he picked up Garrett when the nurse was done with him so I could take Hunter's final paperwork over to teh school to finish his registration.

today after getting up, I went to sit at the couch to find C had left a cup sitting there. well when I picked it up, it was swarming with ants!!!!!!  so dh adn I proceeded to upend the couch, tear it apart and clean EVERYTHING. amazing how much crap gets pushed under a couch and through the couch cushions. :P now how I wanted to spend my morning, but its done and much better now.
dh is back at the dr getting his results. they're supposed to leave around 2 I think.
plus K is going to another friends house. she was gone tuesday night as well. 3 bday parties in one week. LOL! another one tomorrow night!

oh, earlier in the week I did all the corn that had been given to us. our freezer is certainly full now! corn all winter! LOL!

so that's my update! I'm sure there's more but that's fried my brain enough for now.

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Angie said...

freshman orientation? I didn't realize C was in high school this year. man, time flies!