Monday, July 06, 2009


hmmm... new Sarina stuff:
she has 4 molars coming in. 2 on top are already through and the two bottom are about half way in.
she has new words and she's nodding her head.
she told C to "top" when he was picking on her earlier today
she does really well with the new kitten. she calls Misty a baby and loves petting her

we're celebrating Hunter's 7th birthday tonight since dh will be out of town come monday. he's only asked for transformers and leggos, so that's what he's getting
he's asking for present time right now, along with GAvin who is, I think, more eager for H to open his gifts!
(Gavin is telling him to jump around acting all eager and begging to open gifts, and Hunter tells him "I'm a big boy now, I dont do like kids." )

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Erica said...

that soap picture is soo cute!! Love it!

(and happy birthday to Hunter)