Tuesday, July 07, 2009

trying to get back into this

crazy busy week!
I filed claims for some house work done with the ins. company. we need a new roof (have leak stains in 4 places and its 12 yrs old w/ lots of hail damage and other natural damage), plus our utility room floor-back when the old water heater busted, it warped the floor. dh just doesnt have time to do it, so I filed a claim on it to get the floor fixed. its like walking on a roller coaster in there!
so anyway, I was supposed to have the adjuster out today, but she never showed. I had one contractor come to take measures, I have 2 others supposed to come (tomorrow? thursday??), roofing estimate tomorrow (?!), plus we're having a new section added to our drive for FIL's big truck so it wont ruin our yard when he's parked here and so the gravel truck will be here tomorrow.
not to mention I have to go in town at 9 am to get the car looked at (dh thinks its missing a plug in the undercarriage cause when its wet outside, my drivers side floor board gets wet), then drop C off for band practice.
thursday morning I'm taking C and K to another dentist for a 2nd opinion on the kind of work they'll need to get their teeth fixed.

saturday is the Hot Rods ball game. the Kung Fu academy is getting a special day there, the students get to show off their dragon dancing, run the bases, special seating, and Canaan gets to throw in the first pitch! (his Sifu wanted him to do this) dh, I, mamaw, papaw, C, Gavin are going, along with about 30 people from the dojo. it'll be fun!! I'll be sure to get pics

so all that is another reason I'm not on here much. I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed currently, especially between G's behavior and dh being out of town (totally related :P ) but I'll make it. always do.

I've got a whole tub+ of stuff to get to goodwill now. been clearing out the boys room this week. trying hard to make it more spacious (ie: less clutter and unneeded stuff, including clothes not needed). its a chore, for sure, but much needed!
now the rest of the house to do! LOL!!


Erica said...

You're certainly busy! When did the water heater bust up?

Mama Gina said...

it was actually last year, I think while dh was off work. he kept planning on fixing it himself, but is just too busy to do it. feels like the floor is getting worse too as time goes on. :P