Wednesday, July 15, 2009

meet Lillie!

I admit, I was really nervous last night being her first night home! kinda like bringing a baby home the first night, not knowing what to expect, but expecting the worst LOL!
the good news is she did fabulously! I was planning on leaving the gate up from the kitchen so she'd be enclosed between the utility room and my bathroom, but she didnt want that. (whined so pitifully) so I took the gate down and she trotted in to lay on the couch and such. LOL!
she does SO great with the kids, tells us when she needs to go out, let us sleep all night (whew!) and is just a really good girl!
even the cats outside dont worry her. they were rubbing all over her yesterday/today LMBO! and she's the same size as Angel (one of our outside cats) so thats funny in itself!
she loves her doggie chew sticks and the dog biscuit the lady at the bank gave her. the cats love her dog food LOL
she doesnt chew on stuff, she loves laying on pillows/beds and crawling under blankets. so cute! she does great on her leash. she's still not barked LOL!
she's a bit sneezy, not sure if that's just her or if its from the surgery meds or if its a cold. they gave me antibiotics for her JIC.
the kids are crazy over her and she's just a super friendly dog! when my mom came to see her yesterday, Lillie ran over to her and reached up on her legs to be picked up LOL! my mom came in carrying her and said "she loves me!" hehe! and mom wants us to bring her over whenever we come, of course. LOL!
the kids want her to ride EVERYwhere we may go. I had to decline taking her to kung fu yesterday cause I have a hard enough time keeping up with S and G during that time. :P
so we're happy she's here!!
OH, funny thing! last night when dh was going to bed, he came in here to me and said "me and your pickachu may not get along. she's in my bed."
so I reminded him taht the cats are constantly sleeping at the foot of our bed. to which he happily argued that they didnt LOL!
I went in to check on her and she was laying on his side of the bed, under his blanket LMBO!!!



Erica said...

awww, cute little doggie

Kimmy Jones said...

Cute!! Glad she's doing so well.